By the end of next year, Tata Projects will have built Micron’s cutting-edge semiconductor factory in Sanand.


On Saturday, Tata Projects announced that it will be working with Micron Technology to build a cutting-edge semiconductor assembly and testing facility in Sanand, Gujarat.

In a statement, the business said that the contract given to Tata Projects solidified the firm’s expertise in the building of extensive, environmentally friendly infrastructure in the Indian industrial sector.

The project, which is said to be located in the Chaarodi, Sanand region of the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation, encompasses a sizable 93 acres of land.

The statement said that the building of Phase 1 will comprise a 500,000 square foot cleanroom facility, slated to be operational by late 2024. “This enduring project is a significant milestone and the largest investment under the India Semiconductor Mission (ISM),” it stated.

A first-of-its-kind DRAM (dynamic random access memory) and NAND (non-volatile flash memory) assembly and test facility would be designed and built in India, according to the announcement.

According to the company, contemporary construction technologies and techniques will be used by Tata Projects, including hybrid modular rapid construction and integrated EPC delivery using 4D BIM.

The Green Building Council’s LEED Gold Standards will be followed in the design of the Sanand facility, which will also use cutting-edge water-saving technology, according to the statement.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Union Minister for Electronics and Information Technology, said on Saturday that Gujarat has hosted the “Bhoomi Pujan” (groundbreaking ceremony) for the nation’s first semiconductor facility.

The official groundbreaking for the nation’s first semiconductor facility is a crucial step in advancing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambition for an independent India.

Vaishnaw expressed optimism that the semiconductor plant’s development will be finished quickly and added that the first locally produced microchips are anticipated to be released by December 2024.

“The first semiconductor plant’s ‘Bhoomi Pujan’ was held today. This is a crucial action in advancing the PM’s goal for Atmanirbhar Bharat. The plant’s development will soon be finished, and by December 2024, this location will start shipping the first indigenous microchips, according to Vaishnaw.

According to Vaishnaw, who was highlighting the advancements made by the nation’s electronic sector under PM Modi’s direction, “In 2014, the production cost of mobile phones in India was 17,000 crores. The current figure is 3,65,000 crores. Originally valued at 1,90,000 crores, the electronics sector has grown to be worth 8,30,000 crores.

The Union Minister said, “Exports have increased fivefold, rising from 40,000 crores to 2,00,000 crores.”

Vaishnaw said that semiconductor chips were to blame for all of these developments and that the nation was on track to emerge as a significant semiconductor center.


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