Data show that equity mutual fund inflows increased to $20,245 crore in August.


Equity mutual funds had a considerable increase in net inflows in August 2023, hitting a five-month high of 20,245.26 crore. Compared to the inflow of 7,625.96 crore that was seen in July 2023, this represented a significant rise, according to statistics from the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). However, within the same time period, debt mutual funds had withdrawals of 25,872 crore. According to AMFI data, ETFs had inflows of 1,893 crores vs outflows of 353 crores in July.

Total Assets Under Management (AUM) for the mutual fund sector in India were reported at 46.63 lakh crore (including close-ended schemes), a little rise from 46.37 lakh crore in the previous month (MoM).

Inflows into Indian small-cap mutual funds totaled 4,265 crore, up from 4,171.44 crore in the previous month (MoM), while those into multi-cap funds totaled 3,422 crore. On the other hand, there was a 348 crore outflow from large-cap funds, followed by a 471 crore outflow from targeted funds. Similar to this, the Midcap Mutual Funds had a rise in inflow of 2,512 crore in August compared to the previous month (MoM), which was 1,623 crore.

Debt had withdrawals of 25,873 crore while liquid funds recorded outflows of 26,823 crore in August.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) inflows in India hit a record high of Rs. 15,814 crore, exceeding the inflow of Rs. 15,243 crore (MoM) from the previous month.

The mutual fund industry’s New Fund Offers (NFOs) totaled $7,343 crore, an increase over the previous month’s record of $6,723 crore (MoM).

The Asset Management Federation of India (AMFI), a non-profit organization founded on August 22, 1995, represents all Asset Management Companies running SEBI-registered mutual funds in India. It now counts 44 SEBI-registered asset management companies among its membership.


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